New Wauwatosa studio combines art with wine, spirits

WAUWATOSA -- Two Wauwatosa business owners are tapping into the new concept of mixing art with wine and other spirits. The grand opening of Arte Wine and Painting Studio in the heart of downtown Wauwatosa is Wednesday night!

Pairing art with wine and other spirits is a new movement that involves combining painting classes with your favorite adult beverage. Arte Wine and Painting Studio is located on Harwood Avenue in Wauwatosa, and owners Karen Salituro and Lisa Allen are getting ready for the grand opening Wednesday night. They say their business provides a great opportunity for even those who feel they have no artistic ability, to tap into their creative side. "Instead of going out to a bar or a restaurant, you have this other avenue where you can tap into your creative side, and see what you have to offer as an artist," Salituro said.

Salituro is an architect by trade, and actually developed the building next-door to the art studio. All guests at Arte Wine and Painting Studio will start with a blank canvas, and build a painting step-by-step, with instruction and tips provided along the way. The painting classes are between two and three hours, and range from $35 to $45. "We feel that everyone has the chance to become an artist," Salituro said.

The art studio has five or six artists on staff at this time, to help guide painters into creating their own works of art. Salituro says though everyone in the class paints the same painting, they each turn out a bit different. She says its a great way to decorate your home or apartment, without breaking the bank buying wall art. "I think in a down economy, people get creative," Salituro said.

Other businesses are also tapping into the art paired with alcohol concept. In Waukesha County, there's Sips 'N Strokes, located in Sussex, and Ar-Tay in Milwaukee County.