New twist in murder case involving Morales-Rodriguez

MILWAUKEE -- There's a new twist in the case of a pregnant woman murdered and her unborn baby cut from her womb. Now, a new psychological evaluation may allow the woman accused of the killing to plead insanity.

According to the draft of that psychological evaluation, 34-year-old Annette Morales-Rodriguez wasn't the only one present when 23-year-old Maritza Ramirez Cruz was killed. The report says Rodriguez's other personality, Lara, was in control of her body.

Dr. Anne Speckhard spent two days interviewing Morales-Rodriguez. During the second day, Speckhard filmed a transformation take place. Annette turned into Lara -- a completely separate personality.

Dr. Speckhard said it's a result of dissociative identity disorder.

"Annette describes 'Lara' as 18 years old, 'mean' and 'angry' and states that 'she wants to take revenge on all the men (who hurt her)."  Annette states, 'I'm afraid of her,'" Dr. Speckhard said.

Dr. Speckhard believes Lara came into existence when Morales-Rodriguez was only six years old. That's when six years of nearly daily sexual abuse by her grandfather began.

According to Dr. Speckhard's report, Lara would take over whenever the stresses of life became too much.

The report states over the course of two years, Morales-Rodriguez was separated from her kids, displayed physical signs of pregnancy and found out she was infertile. Dr. Speckhard said despite the infertility, Morales-Rodriguez continued to believe she was pregnant -- and Lara tried to follow through.

"According to Annette, Lara insisted 'I had to get a pregnant woman and bring her home through lies and then kill her so i could (take) her baby out.  I would say "no to her, that was bad,'" Dr. Speckhard said.