New push to get charges dropped against Chrystul Kizer, accused of killing her alleged sex trafficker

MILWAUKEE -- The case continues against a local woman accused of killing her alleged sex trafficker. On Friday night, Jan. 31, dozens of people joined together to ask the Kenosha County district attorney to drop those charges against Chrystul Kizer.

Inside the Walker's Point Center for the Arts, letters filled with hope are read aloud -- addressed to Kizer, who is miles away.

"Dear Chrystul, I'm so sorry this is happening to you," read one letter.

"You have a future and deserve to be free," read another letter.

Chrystul Kizer

Kizer, now 19, is accused of killing Randall Volar III and setting his Kenosha house on fire in June 2018. A Washington Post investigation revealed Volar was trafficking Kizer and other underage black girls but was never charged before police say Kizer shot him.

The prosecution maintains Kizer had a plan to kill Volar. But her attorneys and supporters like Ben Turk say she defended herself.

"She went there under a situation of psychological duress and manipulation and to get try and get out of the situation had to defend herself and Volar ended up dead," Turk said.

The broader issue according to the Washington Post investigation is a law that allows victims to be acquitted if they committed a crime because they were trafficked. A judge said that could not be applied to her whole case -- and Kizer's attorneys are appealing that.

"We're hoping that by filing an appeal we can get that reviewed and get a better situation for her," Turk said.

The Kenosha County district attorney has been vocal about this on Facebook -- asking everyone not to jump to conclusions before all the evidence comes out at trial. We are told that trial, which is scheduled for March, will likely be pushed back because of the appeals process going on right now.

Friday night's event was hosted by Lania Sproles in conjunction with the Milwaukee LGBTQ Center and Walker’s Point Center for the Arts.