New program announced to aid people with Alzheimer's

MADISON (WITI) -- The Wisconsin Department of Health Services announced on Friday, January 17th that 100 nursing homes around the state have been certified to take part in a new project that uses personalized music to assist residents with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias.

The Wisconsin Music and Memory Initiative is part of a national program developed to train nursing home staff to create personalized music playlists for up to 15 residents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. By listening to their favorite songs, residents are able to recall memories that haven’t been lost to their disease. This has an uplifting affect that improves their spirits, and allows them to be responsive, cooperative, and engaged with family, friends, staff and other community members.

DHS hosts monthly support sessions for nursing homes to discuss successes and solve challenges. Nursing homes will also participate in a research study to measure the effectiveness of the program. The results of the study will be used for future planning.

DHS plans to expand The Wisconsin Music & Memory Initiative this spring to include an additional 135 nursing homes in the project.

For additional information about the DHS Music &Memory Initiative, CLICK HERE.

For the list of Wisconsin nursing homes participating in the Music & Memory Initiative, CLICK HERE.