New families created on Adoption Day in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Adoption Day brings a sigh of relief to families like the Best family who have been foster parents to Sarah for the past two years. Brenda and Larry Best are just one of the parents who finalized adoption proceedings in court today. Brenda says, "It's very exciting. I've been waiting for a while and now this is time for it."

The Best family is just one of nine families who finished adoption proceedings on Adoption Day. Children's Service Society Rep. Langston Verdin says, "This is a day where we can celebrate as an entire community what it's like to create a family."

As families come together, Verdin says it's still important to encourage others to turn foster children into family members. "Every kid deserves a permanent family," says Verdin. " Every kid deserves that forever family, someone they can rely on from the time they're adopted until they're adults."

The Bests take their first official family photo, and are looking forward to a future together. Larry says, "Finally we got them, and they're in a safe house and there should be no more problems."

40,000 kids have been adopted around the nation since the creation of Adoption Day's inception in 2000. 4,500 kids were adopted during this year's Adoption Day.