New chapter in criminal case against Kris Zocco

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The latest chapter in the case against Kris Zocco started to unfold on Friday, February 21st. Zocco is the last person to be seen with Kelly Dwyer, the 27-year-old woman who disappeared in October 2013.

Zocco was in court on Friday on charges involving drugs and child pornography. A forensic expert report of Zocco's computer came in to the prosecutor. Now, Zocco's attorney wants time to have its own expert look at the report and the computer.

Zocco is out on bail, working out of his parent's Richfield home.

In April, Zocco's lawyers were expected to file motions to suppress information police discovered in several search warrants. Now, the motions filings may be delayed as Zocco's computer expert looks at what the prosecutor's expert found on his computer. Police have already said they found child porn. What else is there, is the question.

Also under question -- did Kris Zocco have anything to do with the disappearance of Kelly Dwyer. A search warrant of his phone was released in January 2014 outlining videos of Dwyer, including one in which she struggled to breathe, restrained during sex.

John Van Leur is Dwyer's uncle. He hopes more information will come forward to find Kelly. He is concerned that in the future, evidence might be thrown out if Zocco's lawyers show there was not sufficient reason to search his apartment in October.

"Hopefully we'll get a ruling that they're not suppressed. Because if they're suppressed everything goes away so we're very concerned about that," said Van Leur.

That decision is scheduled to be made at the beginning of April, but it may be put off.

Again, Zocco is not charged with Dwyer's disappearance.