New Brookfield convenience store has no on-site employees: 'It's all self-pay, self-checkout'

BROOKFIELD -- A new convenience store opened up in Brookfield Square last week -- and it has no on-site employees.

Patrick McMullan

"It's open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year," said Patrick McMullan of 3 Square Market. "It's purely an autonomous store. It's all self-pay, self-checkout, nobody there."

It is a convenience store that sells simple snacks, drinks, and seasonal goodies. But that is correct -- there are no employees inside.

"Scan the product, insert your credit card or cash, set it in the deactivator, pay for your product, and you're complete. You can leave," said Kurk Johnson, vice president of sale for 3 Square Market.

Even though there are no employees in the store, you are not alone. Inside, there are 16 different cameras -- each one of them keeping an eye on you as you shop.

"We do have somebody that's watching the store," Johnson said.

A security specialist located in Pennsylvania monitors the store's feed. If anyone does try to steal from the store, the images are sent to mall security who can respond to the store.

"It is very minimal for the theft rate -- under three percent. And in some cases, we've had some stores that have had zero theft," Johnson said.

It is a store of the future kept safe thanks to the lots of cameras and the honor system.

"First in Wisconsin, but certainly not the last," McMullan said.