New book “101 iPhone Tips & Tricks” explains latest iOS 13 features

From Dark Mode to Reducing Robocalls, KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro’s latest book has the new, useful and fun ways to get the most out of your iPhone running iOS 13.

iOS 13 got off to a rocky start, but after several updates over the past three months, Apple continues to polish its latest operating system. There are a lot of a new features, which are explained in my new book, 101 iPhone Tips & Tricks: Unlock the useful, time saving and fun features in iOS 13, available now on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback.

By now, you’ve probably discovered flagship new features like the super cool Dark Mode, Swipe to Type and faster access to emojis just by pressing the little smiley face next to the keyboard.

But there’s so much more!

Like Tip #2: How to Protect Your Privacy.

I explain those scary-looking pop-ups you’ve probably been getting. They show a map of all of the places an app has pinpointed your location in the background. I explain how it’s important to make your decision wisely: it might make sense to “always allow” your location for a weather app, but “allow only while using” for a food delivery app.

Tip #6 teaches a fun new way to move the cursor – even better than last year’s viral hit of pressing and holding the space bar to turn the keyboard into a virtual trackpad. In iOS 13, you can just tap to pick up the cursor and drag it to a new location. You’ll impress your friends with that one.

Tip #9 can help you reduce those annoying robocalls. Find it under Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown callers. Enable the feature and calls you don’t know go straight to voicemail. In the book, I explain how Apple is applying some artificial intelligence here – for instance, your phone will still ring if a caller isn’t in your address book but you recently texted or made an outgoing call to them. But, this feature might not be best for you if an unknown caller tries to reach you in an emergency.

Other tips teach you how to ask Siri to tune into over 100,000 radio stations across the globe with no new app downloads required. Just ask “Hey Siri, play 102 point 7 kiss FM radio” and you’ll be listening instantly. Pro tip: try asking for the radio station you grew up with in your hometown for a quick blast from the past.

There’s also a new way to delete apps in iOS 13 right from the update screen: just swipe right to left to reveal a Delete button.

The book explains how to share audio with two sets of AirPods and how to share a photo without revealing its GPS location to the recipient. The latter can be handy if you’re sending a picture of something you’re selling online and don’t want the recipient to be able to see your exact address.

The tips go on and on: how to pin a note in the Notes app, how to delete boarding passes that seem to stick around in Wallet long after your flight and how to reveal the secret redial button in the iPhone dialer.

Just like all of my tech segments, 101 iPhone Tips and Tricks is packed with the things I think you should know about. They just all pertain to the iPhone and its native functionality – you can accomplish all of the tips in the book without downloading additional apps.

101 iPhone Tips and Tricks makes a great gift this holiday season for the iPhone user in your life and even the most seasoned user will be pleasantly surprised at the functionality they didn’t know about.

“101 iPhone Tips and Tricks” is available now on Kindle and paperback.