New Berlin Eisenhower orchestra trip to Brussels, Belgium cancelled after terror attacks

NEW BERLIN -- Officials with the New Berlin School District are notifying parents of students who attend New Berlin Eisenhower that a planned orchestra trip to Brussels, Belgium has been cancelled following the terror attacks there on Tuesday, March 22nd.

We're told the trip was cancelled on Tuesday. School district officials said the safety and security of their students is top priority and that's why they opted to cancel the trip.

The group was supposed to fly into Brussels Airport on Friday, March 25th. The group was to stay in Brussels for two days.

The trip also included a tour of the region until April 3rd.

School district officials said 58 students and 13 chaperones were supposed to go on the trip.

We're told school district officials are working to recover whatever money they can as it relates to the expenses for this trip.

Below is a letter sent to families regarding the cancellation of this trip:

Dear families, 

Today I, and several other district administrators and staff, discussed the terrorist attacks in Brussels that left more than 30 people dead, and how those attacks should affect the Eisenhower orchestra students’ planned spring break trip to the region. 

Ultimately, the safety and security of our students and staff is, and always will be, our chief concern. Brussels, and the region, are under heightened security. Therefore, after careful consideration and in our students’ best interests, we have decided to cancel the trip. 

We understand that to some, this decision is disappointing and upsetting, but given the current state of affairs in Brussels, we did not feel comfortable sending our students and chaperones to the very airport that terrorists attacked today. 

We are working with the travel agency, the insurance agency and our law firm to see how we can mitigate the financial loss to the families and the district. 

Finally, we want to thank all the staff and chaperones who volunteered their time and energy to plan this trip. We share in their disappointment as well. 

Joe Garza, Superintendent