'Never thought we'd get this far:' Greendale Veterans Memorial breaks ground on Armed Forces Day

GREENDALE -- A groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new veteran's memorial in Greendale Saturday morning, May 18. It's a memorial that wouldn't have been possible without he help of the community.

Saturday is Armed Forces Day -- and it's also a day this group never thought would come.

Vet memorial groundbreaking in Greendale

Vet memorial groundbreaking in Greendale

"What better day than Armed Forces Day to recognize all the armed forces?" asked Tim Baranzyk, American Legion Greendale. "Astounding. I never thought we'd get this far."

After six years in the making, the Greendale Veterans Memorial Committee broke ground Saturday for a memorial honoring those who served our country.

"This, to me, is like a historical event," said Baranzyk. "This is like a jewel to Greendale."

Vet memorial groundbreaking in Greendale

Dale Martin

The memorial will sit at the corner of Broad St. and Southway, featuring six granite panels representing the branches of the military, and an interactive computer kiosk in the middle. But it wouldn't have been possible without the fundraising efforts from the community -- and Dale Martin.

"I'm sure everyone will enjoy it once it happens," said Martin, who provided funding for the memorial.

Martin is the president of the Kranz Foundation. He provided half of the $300,000 needed for construction.

Vet memorial groundbreaking in Greendale

"I'm certain that there are individuals today that -- no matter the weather -- they think it's a beautiful day because they can see the finish line," said Martin.

Construction on the memorial will start on June 3, and they hope to have the work finished by the end of the summer. The committee continues it's fundraising efforts to cover future maintenance and increased construction costs. To learn more, click HERE.