Never-before-seen dinosaurs are roaring in to the Milwaukee Public Museum

MILWAUKEE -- A new and exciting exhibit is coming to the Milwaukee Public Museum. Milwaukee is now the stomping grounds for the "Ultimate Dinosaurs." The new exhibit, which opens Sunday, February 7th features 16 dinosaurs found in the Southern Hemisphere.

This is only the fourth stop on the exhibit's trip around the world and the only place it will visit in the Midwest.


When you check out the exhibit, a lot of dinosaurs might not look too familiar.

"They were not discovered until the last 20-plus years so this is all new research. These are dinosaurs that you will not have seen before, not just because they are new to science but because they're new to this continent," said Ellen Censky, Milwaukee Public Museum senior vice president.

The dinosaur fossils come from places like South America, northern Africa and even Madagascar.

The Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit will be at the Milwaukee Public Museum until May 15th.

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