Nestlé Toll House rolls out edible cookie dough you can snack on worry-free

ARLINGTON COUNTY, Va. — The days of forbidding the consumption of cookie dough are over.

It’s no secret health officials warn against consuming raw cookie dough because it can make you sick.

However, Nestlé Toll House has come up with a solution to fuel your cravings: edible cookie dough.

The company acknowledged the new product on Twitter by writing “Surprise!” and sharing a Cosmopolitan article, which says the edible cookie dough will be safe to eat.

The article cites an Instagram post from food blogger Eric Koenreich showing the product in pints, with the flavors of “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster” and “Chocolate Chip.”

Koenreich spotted the product at Publix Super Market in Sarasota, Florida.  And, according to the blogger, ” both worth a purchase but you NEED the Monster one in your life.”