Need some creative ideas for your baby's nursery? We have some for you

MILWAUKEE -- Expecting a baby in the coming weeks or months? Is your nursery ready for the little one? Sarah Vanderkooy, the woman behind the blog "Creative Ramblings," joined the Studio A team on Thursday, March 31st with some creative ideas.

About Sarah Vanderkooy (from blog)

I’m married to my best friend and have two lovely little girls; Little Lady (2011) and Baby Girl (2014).  Way back when I got a degree in Politics and Communication and worked in “sales” for a number of years.  I went from selling furniture to managing a Corporate Wellness program and lots of fun little adventures in between.  I loved working in Wellness for a nonprofit organization and had no thought of leaving….untill Little Lady was born.  I worked full time until she was 9 monhts old and just couldn’t take being away from her.  Thankfully my husband started a job that would allow me to stay home and so I became a stay at home Mom.