Nearly 100 dogs abandoned in Texas, new law to blame?

DALLAS, Texas -- Nearly 100 dogs, most showing signs of severe neglect were abandoned around the Dallas - Fort Worth area in just two days. Police say this may be the result of a new Texas law regulating dog breeders.

A 911 call came in Tuesday afternoon, October 2nd -- reporting a pack of dogs running loose. When a police squad arrived at the scene, 51 Maltese puppies were located, and had apparently been living in absolute filth.

"We went one by one till we got them all.

Police say no one had emptied their cages, bathed them or brushed them for at least six months.

26 hours after these dogs were found, police say someone dumped 40 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and one Cocker Spaniel early Wednesday morning.

"They're in pretty rough shape. They're dirty, they're stinky, they're matted,"

About a month ago, Texas began requiring dog and cat breeders to obtain a license through an inspection.

"We believe this release of the animals was to avoid that,"

Police say two animal cruelty investigations are underway -- but detectives know these cases are likely linked. Police say those responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Animal control officials say the dogs are relatively healthy and they will likely be up for adoption next week.