Nat'l Guardsman comes home early, surprises kids

CALIFORNIA (WITI) -- Sargent Jacob Head of the Army National Guard returned home early from a ten month deployment in Kosovo, much to the surprise of his children.

"Hopefully forever," said Sargent Head.

Head was supposed to come home next week, but a call to his wife Niki on Friday, May 10th, was an early Mother's Day present.

"It was literally a phone call in the morning saying we're getting on the plane coming home," said Niki.

Everyone except Head's son, Caleb and daughter, Madison, knew he was home early. He dropped in at their school to surprise them.

"I was surprised because I didn't know he was coming home," said Madison.

Amid the classroom cheers of "USA," Head hugged his children tightly.

"I couldn't do anything without him near me," Caleb said through tears.

"It means a lot to finally hold them again," said Head.