National Bakery and Deli prepares for Paczki Day

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It really doesn't matter if you're Polish or not, just about everyone loves Paczki Day!

"Honestly, these are the best in the city. The dough is good, the frosting is good, the filling is good," National Bakery and Deli customer Patty Walsh said.

National Bakery and Deli has spent the last month preparing for the thousands of customers looking for their jelly filled donut fix.

They have bakers working through the night frying, filling and frosting, to meet the demand.

"We`re going to sell 37,000 on Tuesday and our estimate is that we`re going to sell out around 2:30 or 3:00 p.m.," National Bakery and Deli co-owner Jeff Callen said.

The Fat Tuesday celebration started as a Polish tradition.

"The meaning behind it is when the homes would get rid of all of their lard and their eggs and they came up with this great sweet treat before they had to fast for lent," Callen said.

This year, National Bakery is also giving a portion of the proceeds of its Paczki Day T-shirts to the Easter Seals autism program.

"Easter Seals goal with our Autism program is to get into the homes early, provide early intervention so that children can be successful when they reach their school age," Easter Seals Community Relations Manager Vicki Hastings said.

Amanda Albrecht was decked out in her paczki apparel, ready for her first ever Paczki Day.

"I`m nervous a little bit but I`m more excited about it. Everybody says it`s crazy but it`s fun," Albrecht said.

It's the fun, and of course the paczki's that keep bringing people back.

" I got married in 1959, and I've been coming here ever since," National Bakery and Deli customer Shirley Sobczak said.

A delicious tradition carried on through the generations.

All three of the National Bakery and Deli locations will open at 6:00 a.m. on Fat Tuesday for Paczki Day.