Nailed it! Pair of "Singing Contractors" go viral with 'Mary, Did You Know' duet

INDIANA -- A pair of singing contractors from Indiana created a video singing their version of "Mary, Did You Know?" -- and it's going viral.

"The Singing Contractors," Aaron and Josh, both from Indiana, and have been singing together for over five years. In September of 2015, the two created a video  "How Great Thou Art," that has over fifteen million views.

Their latest video, "Mary, Did You Know?" is even bigger than the last -- garnering over 19 million views since being posted on Friday, December 2nd.

According to the contractors, they make the videos to encourage others by spreading the message of hope in song. They say they are overwhelmed by the response the videos have received.

"We have received so many messages of encouragement and some situations saved some from suicide. It's been totally overwhelming and we are so humbled to be used for this... that God would use a could of ole guys like us," said the contractors.

Nailed it!