NAACP knocks on doors, encourages to register to vote early

MILWAUKEE -- With less than a month to go until the big election, don't be surprised if you hear a knock at the door.  A major push is underway in the city of Milwaukee to register all eligible voters as the November 6th election draws close.

"For people not to vote is sort of like being on a team and being on the sidelines and not getting in the game," says Milwaukee NAACP president James Hall.

The NAACP is teaming up with other community organizations to go door to door, in an attempt to sign up and register as many eligible voters as possible before the election.

" I come out here because of the civil rights, people sacrifice their life to vote. And I just don't want that time to be wasted," says volunteer Jermaine Buckner.

Buckner was among the roughly 50 volunteers who helped canvass neighborhoods in Milwaukee.  The volunteers provided information, to help resident not only sign up, but get to the polls.  The group say they will continue their effort up until the election.