NAACP issues support for Ohio police after woman punched, spat on officers during arrest

EUCLID, Ohio -- A group that has been critical of Euclid police in the past is now showing support for officers involved in a recent incident.

Some members of the NAACP spoke out Thursday in support of police after a case that started with a woman yelling with foul language at police.

Euclid NAACP President Cassandra McDonald said, "We don’t know if her response was so egregious because she's had bad experiences with police officers or not, but at the same time, that does not justify her behavior.”

“Stop being a ******* pig.”

That's what Shawnte Lewis can be heard saying to two Euclid police officers.  Lewis saw the officers had stopped two teenagers in a traffic case. She was not involved but stopped her vehicle in the middle of the road to offer her opinion.  She also accused the officers of harassing the teens.

However, Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer pointed out the officers just gave a verbal warning to the teens.

McDonald added, “And at some point, as citizens and activists and whatever we want to call ourselves, we have to be responsible for our own actions."

The officers and the teens can be heard on dash camera video laughing before Lewis drives up.

The officers told her she was impeding traffic and they were going to charge her. She left and officers chased her for a short time.

"The officers called off the chase, but her vehicle was found a short time later in a parking lot," said Lt. Mitch Houser.

The woman's husband came to the scene and she eventually walked out of the building.

Police said when they tried to talk to the woman, she punched one officer in the face.  She is also accused of biting and spitting at the officers.

Lewis has been indicted on several charges, including assault and failure to comply.

Several ministers were concerned about the police officer’s actions. Pastor Aaron Phillips, told WJW he is "appalled" by the video and believes the officers were not justified in their actions.

Phillips said he and the other ministers want to meet with the mayor within 10 days and would also like an outside agency to investigate the case.

The chief said the officers did use a taser and physical force during the arrest.

"She bit one of the officer's hands, and that officer punched her to get her to quit biting him," the chief said .

Lewis is due back in court next week to face the charges.