"My biggest worry is losing everything:" Packers may be interested in buying property where "The Blind Ref" sits

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- The Green Bay Packers have been buying up land near Lambeau Field for nearly a decade. So far, the team owns 56 properties -- but there's one small property the team passed up -- a  move the team might regret.

For Cheri Robinson, it's a dream come true. A new restaurant right in the shadows of Lambeau Field.

"My big dream was the Indian tacos. I like the location because there's not much for restaurants over here," Robinson said.

"The Blind Ref" has been open for less than a year, and already Robinson's dream is in jeopardy.

"I knew that (the Packers were very heavily involved in real estate around here.) I figured how great it would be to be next to it. If they're not interested in this little area, next to all of this new stuff that was coming. We'd be a big part of it. We'd end up being like Kroll's or the Pancake Place, living forever in Green Bay. I'm scared now," Robinson said.

Robinson's scared because she doesn't know what the future will hold now that there's word the Packers are interested in buying the property.

The Packers had a chance to buy the property when it was on the market last year, but decided not to.

In November, Monty Roloff purchased the site for $240,000. Roloff says he thought that meant the Packers weren't interested, so he found a tenant and brought in The Blind Ref.

The owners of the new restaurant signed a 10-year lease, thinking they would have stability -- but Roloff says the Packers are now interested in the property. Roloff says he has met with the Packers a couple of times, but that nothing has been finalized.

Nearby properties have seen big changes in recent weeks. One gas station was sold and another is being torn down. The Packers haven't talked about either of those developments. The team wouldn't talk about The Blind Ref property either.

"My biggest worry is losing everything," Robinson said.

Robinson says her family has invested $100,000 in the business and has signed contracts with credit card and cable companies. She says her landlord initially asked her to change the terms of their lease. But she says that's not possible.

We don't come from money so this is everything we own. I also have some of my parents' money invested in it, so I can't just cut my losses," Robinson said.

While The Blind Ref faces an uncertain future, Robinson is holding on to hope.

"I always believe in the kindness of people so I'm hoping the Packers and the landlord come to some agreement and go, 'we don't want to have some casualties over a property deal,'" Robinson said.

The Packers have said they would be willing to help The Blind Ref relocate -- but the question is, how much that would cost, and whether a deal could be worked out.

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