Muskego police warning of mail scam

MUSKEGO -- FOX6's media partners at the Muskego Patch report that the Muskego Police Department is warning of a mail scam, after a woman received a letter asking her to send $199 to cover a "UPS fee" in order to claim a $1.2 million prize. Police say the letter was written on Publisher's Clearing House stationary.

Police say the woman had telephone contact with the person who sent the letter, but when she realized it was a scam, she called police. Police say the man who answered the listed number said he is "Donald Stevens," and police asked him how he received the woman's contact information, and the man said he would send that information to police, but they've yet to receive it.

Police checked the area code on the internet, and web sites referred to this scam as originating in Jamaica, and the 876 area code is typically used. The scam involves people being requested to call the number back, sometimes multiple times. When they call back, they are charged per minute.

For additional details on this scam, check out the Muskego Patch article by CLICKING HERE.