Murder victim's family travels to Milwaukee to say goodbye

MILWAUKEE -- 45-year-old Teresa Boone was stabbed and strangled to death in Kilbourn Park in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. She was laid to rest Friday, and family members made the long trip to Milwaukee to remember her.

Members of Boone's family, including her mother, brothers and two of her three children who live in Mississippi, made the long trip to Milwaukee for her funeral Friday.

"She came here going to school, get a better education and was hoping to land that good job," Boone's brother, J.J. Riser said.

Boone's aunt, Ozie Anderson, said Boone moved back to Milwaukee about three years ago after living in Mississippi for seven or eight years. She moved back to make a better life.

"She was going to be an accountant and we were very proud of the decision because she's had a very hard, rough life," Anderson said.

Early Monday morning, September 3rd, Riser received the news that his sister had been killed. It's something he's still trying to understand.

"It's very personal to me to lose your only sister and it still hasn't sunk in," Riser said.

"Just looking back at everything that she's gone through and then to think just now, when the sun starts shining, then this happens to her," Anderson said.

Anderson says the family is leaning on one another to get through. She's also trying to move forward by looking back.

"Did you notice the beautiful smile that she has? Just remembering that smile and remembering the fun-loving person that she was -- those are the things we're going to cherish the most -- the memories," Anderson said.

Most of the family will be going back to Mississippi on Saturday.

32-year-old James Donegan has been charged with Boone's murder.

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