Murals in Milwaukee planned to honor local leaders

MILWAUKEE -- Artists are spreading positive messages in the city with art.

"Its been an unbelievably positive response. That was the goal," property owner Ihsan Atta said.

A mural on North and Holton -- remembering the life of George Floyd.

And down the road on Holton and Locust, another work of art honoring Breonna Taylor who was shot and killed by Louisville police.

"We're hoping it will start a discussion and hopefully change for the better," Atta said.

Ihsan Atta

This wall also at Holton and Locust will soon be covered in artwork. The same group of artists will be expanding their project over the weekend -- and the community is invited to lend a helping hand.

"I just want people to be here and see what we're doing and people be inspired and motivated," artist Domonique Whitehurst said.

Anyone can join in -- paint in hand. While it's not set in stone what will go on this 15-foot wall...

Domonique Whitehurst

"I believe like the local civil rights women that have played like a role here in Milwaukee," Whitehurst said.

The goal is to bring the community together -- and there are no signs of stopping. The artists are already getting inquiries about future dedication pieces.

"I think we're going to be pretty busy within the next couple weeks, probably even a couple months,"  she said.

The painting will start at 11 am Saturday at Holton and Locust.

If you want to donate to the artists for things like supplies, click here.