Mukwonago spa still getting calls from angry Walmart customers

MUKWONAGO (WITI) -- On Black Friday and after, Woodhouse Day Spa in Mukwonago was on the receiving end of phone calls from angry customers -- who have the wrong number. The customers are actually looking for Walmart -- and FOX6 News has learned the issue hasn't been resolved.

Over a four-day period, Woodhouse Day Spa in Mukwonago received over 600 phone calls meant for Walmart!

"The owner of the spa has even tried calling and the line was tied up," Kimberly Price said.

It began on Black Friday, with the majority of the callers asking about a rebate for a television.

"Now we have gift cards. People are upset because their gift cards aren't working," Price said.

Price and Alexa Wilkins were taking calls while FOX6 was at Woodhouse Day Spa, and gave her best explanation to a Walmart customer as to why this is happening.

"We don't know what the issue is or how this is happening, but we've been trying to fix," Wilkins said.

Fortunately, the number of Walmart calls dropped significantly from the weekend, but as Wilkins explained to one caller, Woodhouse Day Spa is a 262 number, not an 877 number.

"Walmart overflow calls have been transferred to us," Wilkins said.

In a statement, Walmart responded by saying: "We are sorry for any inconvenience, and we are looking into the matter."

"As much as I'd love to help these people, we can't -- but in trying to even just spend time with them we're taking away from our own jobs here. When the phones are tied up, we can't be booking appointments (for customers) and that's frustrating for them as well," Price said.

Woodhouse Day Spa continues to refer the Walmart callers to their local Walmart stores -- but it's still unclear at this time why the Mukwonago spa is receiving calls from Walmart customers.