Moving forward: Boston runner relieved to hear Tsarnaev verdict, saying "this will bring us some closure"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- There are mixed emotions today as Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is sentenced to die by lethal injection. One local runner who was in Boston during the bombing, is hoping this sentence brings some closure.

Richard Dodd finished the race less than an hour prior to the bombs going off. It is a day he will never forget -- he's hopeful Friday's sentence will help him and many others move forward.

On the track at Hartford Union High School, teams of runners race to the finish line -- alongside them is Richard Dodd. The track and field coach is not only celebrating the team, but also a new chapter.

"It's senior day and our only home varsity day. And now knowing the verdict, it's a celebration," said Dodd.

Dodd ran the 2013 Boston Marathon.

"It was pretty traumatic for us," said Dodd.

Dodd finished less than an hour before the bombs went off.

"It was pretty chaotic and pretty scary," Dodd said.

Since that day, he's finished two other Boston marathons. Watched a conviction in the bombing trial, and now a death sentence handed down to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

"Hopefully this case will be put to rest after this sentencing," said Dodd.

Hopeful it will help with the healing as he moves forward.

"I really hope for myself and many others, especially the real victims that day, that this will bring us some closure," said Dodd.

He uses his story to push his team.

"I think it's a a great life lesson for everybody. You just never know," said Dodd.

Motivating the runners on and off the track.

"You've always got to be cautious and careful, but you also have to celebrate the moments and go for the gusto and achieve your personal best," said Dodd.

Dodd says the 2014 marathon brought closure and this year was a celebration. Dodd qualified again to run Boston in 2016. He hasn't decided yet whether he'll be back.