Mother "praying" for suspect who stabbed her daughter

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 21-year-old Shirley Eskridge was stabbed to death on Saturday, July 7th, and two days later, Eskridge's mother says she is praying for the suspect accused of stabbing her daughter to death.

"I was sitting there looking through pictures of my baby this morning, and I smiled. My smile turned to a frown, and then my tears just started to roll," Eskridge's mother, Shirley Moe said.

Eskridge's mother says her daughter was known as "Lil Moo Moo."

Shirley Eskridge was with a group of friends near 39th and Lloyd when she was confronted by the suspect. The victim's mother says men were teasing the suspect about being promiscuous in the neighborhood.

"The girl got upset -- started arguing and cussing. My daughter was with the guys and she got in the argument too. By her being the only girl out there, I guess, I`ll fight you," Moe said.

Eskridge may have been only five feet tall, but her mother says she had a big personality.

"The fight turned to a big fight. I guess Shirley was beating her up or getting the better of her and she pulled out a knife and stabbed my daughter to death," Moe said.

Eskridge's father says the fight didn't need to escalate.

"My daughter didn`t have a weapon on her," William Eskridge said.

As she grieves, Eskridge's mother says she is finding the strength to forgive.

"I'd like for y'all to pray for the lady that did this to my child. I'm not mad, because everybody's hurt from this. She's got kids that are left behind. She touched so many lives, and she is going to be missed very much," Moe said.

A 25-year-old woman is in custody in connection with this incident, and will be referred to the District Attorney's Office for charges.

Next Monday, Eskridge will be laid to rest. The family is in the process of planning fundraisers to pay for her funeral -- holding car washes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 41st and North.

Additionally, there is a fund set up at TCF Bank (35th and North) in the name of Shirley Eskridge.

There will be a benefit show on Saturday, July 13th at Lick-a-d-split at 41st and Lisbon from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.