Mother, daughter reported missing in Outagamie County file restraining order against husband, father

APPLETON -- A mother and daughter who were reported missing from their home in Dale in Outagamie County in June appeared in family court Wednesday morning, July 24 for a formal injunction hearing on a request for a permanent restraining order for four years.

According to WLUK, Jill Rousseau, 55, and Jordan Rousseau, 21, were reported missing by Kelly Rousseau on June 16. Both women filed restraining orders against Kelly Rousseau a couple weeks after returning home.

Jill and Jordan Rousseau told investigators they were hit in the head by Kelly Rousseau with a Taser flashlight. The women also accused him of injuring their chests, back, and arms.

Amid the disappearance, Kelly Rousseau held a news conference at the Oasis Wellness Center in Menasha, owned by the family -- the last place the mother and daughter were believed to have been seen. He told reporters his personal theory was that they were abducted.

WLUK reported the mother and daughter were pulled over in Madison on June 19, and provided limited details to Madison officers -- assuring them they would get in touch with Outagamie County sheriff's officials. They returned home that night.

According to WLUK, the abuse started about a week after they returned home.

Court documents stated Kelly Rousseau has guns and knives, but the women don't know where the weapons are, WLUK reported.

In court, Kelly Rousseau's attorney asked that provisions be made in the temporary order of protection so he could have access to some items in their home and business.

"Jill has re-keyed all of the business, including Mr. Rousseau's, after filing this restraining order. She has also taken his business paperwork, including bills, client files, and she is not a part of that business," explained attorney Sara Micheletti.

The court commissioner agreed to let Kelly Rousseau obtain those items under the supervision of an Outagamie County sheriff's deputy. The commissioner also granted a request to reschedule the injunction hearing at a later date, so Jill and Jordan Rousseau could obtain a new lawyer.

Their next court date was scheduled for Aug. 29.