Moms-to-be try 'labor-inducing' burger at Minnesota restaurant

MINNEAPOLIS -- There are all kinds of old wives' tales about what can help pregnant women go into labor, and a Minneapolis restaurant says its burger might do the trick, WCCO reports.

It's called "The Labor Inducer," and it isn't just a craving for many of the customers ordering it: it's a last-ditch effort.

"Today we had another lady just eat one. She's 39 weeks," said Cindy Berset, owner of The Suburban restaurant.

It was born when restaurant co-owner Kelsey Quarberg was pregnant and testing a new spicy burger recipe to enter for a burger competition.

Her burger was the winner.

"She ate the entire thing and at midnight went into labor," Berset said.

Berset became a grandma, and the burger became known as "The Labor Inducer."

It caught the attention of customer Katy Engler when she saw it featured as Burger of the Month.

"It was my due date. I was very done being pregnant," Engler said.

She and her husband had a date at The Suburban where Engler got the burger.

“If I don’t it’s like me telling the universe, ‘I don’t need your help,’ and I did,” Engler said.

She went into labor and her daughter, Elyse, was born hours later, earning "The Labor Inducer" an official baby counter on the wall of the restaurant.

The burger's reputation now has pregnant women coming in for a burger fix.

"I've heard that some spicy foods might trigger it and there is some spice," Berset said.  "We've got Cajun spice a Bavarian spicy brown mustard on it."

It's also got Angus beef, American cheese, honey-cured bacon and a pretzel bun.

Time will tell if it works.

“Every pregnant woman on the planet has probably tried them all so why not,” Berset said.