Mom's photo of bullied daughter sparks outpouring of support online

LOUISBURG, Kan. - A Kansas mom’s online post about her daughter's experience is striking a chord with folks on social media.

Aimee Johnson posted this photo of her daughter on Facebook showing her absolutely distraught after her latest run in with school bullies. In the accompanying post, she explains her daughter has been constantly bullied by three boys on the school bus.

Johnson says the school bus bullying began on Dec. 13 and has escalated since then. The kids have called her daughter names, taken things from her, and even hit her, adding, at least three times this bullying has involved physical violence.

“She doesn’t want to go to school, she doesn’t want to get on the bus, she wants to move. It's been pretty hard on her,” Johnson told WDAF.

This issue affects a lot more people than just those in the Louisburg community. Aimee’s online post about this experience has generated thousands of likes and shares, along with hundreds of comments from sympathizers across the country. Many people sharing their own personal stories and thanking Aimee for calling attention to this important issue.

“We were just trying to let our friends and family going on and then the next thing we know it’s viral. We’re just trying to get the awareness out there that hey this needs to be stopped, this is not cool and it should not happen,” said Aimee’s husband Brett.

Aimee says she has tried to contact school administrators and the school’s transportation department to see surveillance footage that is recorded on the buses. Unsuccessful in getting help through those avenues, she’s now gone to the local police. While they investigate, Aimee has been having important conversations with her kids about self-worth and standing up for yourself.

“What we have been trying to tell her is that she’s amazing, don’t listen to what these people say about you. But even with us saying that I feel like this is going to scar her forever,” Aimee explained.

WDAF reached out to the Louisburg school superintendent and has not yet received a reply.

According to government research, between 1-in-4 and 1-in-3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school. For more resources including how you can talk to your kids about the issue, visit