Mom delivers baby while driving to hospital

YORK COUNTY, Pa. - A Pennsylvania mother had her daughter came roaring into the world this week. That's because mom never made it to the hospital, delivering her own baby alongside a road in York County.

"This is Ava Sylar Fink. She's the newest member of the Fink family. She came roaring into this world Tuesday," said Ashley Fink, Ava's mother. Weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces, the Fink's sweet baby girl came into the world a few days early and with quite a bang.

"Very big bang, and very quickly," Ashley told WPMT.

"Momma sounded like a death metal singer," said Jonathan Fink, Ava's dad.

'Momma' is on baby number two and started to feel contractions, which only intensified with every hour.

Ashley and Jonathan hopped in their car and drove towards Route 30 to get to the hospital.

"I was on my knees, hugging the headrest of the seat of the car because I couldn't sit," explained Ashley.

Things really escalated along after Ashley's water broke in the car, and that's when her nursing experience kicked in.

"She was like, 'baby, oh my God, I can feel her head,' and she said, 'baby, she's coming now!'" said Jonathan. Ashley delivered her new baby in the backseat of their car.

"My initial reaction was to make sure her airway was clear, there was no cord around her neck, and to get her warm," explained Ashley.

The story doesn't end quite yet; Wrightsville Volunteer Firefighters were called from another emergency to help but not prepared for the situation at hand.

"We were in suppression engine. We were not in a rescue engine. We had first aid bags, that's it. Nothing that would be geared towards a delivery," said Captain Justin Poole of Wrightsville Fire Department.

Luckily for them, mom already had that part handled.

"Look in the car and sure enough the kid was in the mom's arms, umbilical cord still there, and baby was crying, and I said, 'is it a boy or girl?' And she said, 'it's a girl,' and I said, 'congratulations', and we had four or five guys in the back, and they were all, you know, wrapping the kid in blankets, and stuff and one of the guys cut the cord," explained Captain Poole.

An amazing journey into the world, Ava's parents say they'll never forget.

"I love her dearly, but that was probably the most amazing thing I've seen her do, just took my breath away," said Jonathan Fink.