Missing Cleveland party promoter found 'disoriented' at Virginia State University

PETERSBURG, Va. – Police are investigating after a Ohio woman, whose family reported her missing after promoting a party in Washington, D.C., turned up at Virginia State University days after she was last seen.

Family members said 23-year-old Natica Harris of Cleveland was promoting a nightclub during Howard University’s homecoming the weekend of Oct. 21st when she disappeared, according to WTVR.

Her family took to social media to post that she was missing. The post went viral, with celebrities like Gabrielle Union reposting and sharing the missing flyer.

Monday, a sister of Harris told media that she had been found on VSU campus, without her coat, shoes, and seemed to be confused. VSU officials said they responded to a call and discovered a young woman wandering the campus on Monday, Oct. 23rd.

Officers confirmed the woman was Natica Harris. After further investigation, VSU obtained medical care for Harris and contacted the D.C. Metro Police.

A group of VSU students had traveled to D.C. for Howard’s homecoming weekend and said they were shocked to learn the party promoter may have ended up on their campus hours away from the nation's capital. Many said they only learned the woman was found at their school through social media, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions.