Minnesota man charged after fight following Packers/Vikings game

GREEN BAY -- A Minnesota man was charged Monday afternoon, December 3rd with with battery and disorderly conduct in relation to a fight that happened shortly after the Vikings-Packers game on Sunday at Lambeau Field -- that sent another man to a hospital.

According to the criminal complaint, a group of Packers and Vikings fans were "exchanging words" outside of Sideline Bar in Ashwaubenon when a man tried to calm the two groups down.

That's when police say 40-year-old Mark Swanson of Lakeland, Minnesota hit the man in the parking lot.

Swanson is charged with with felony substantial battery and disorderly conduct.

The bar's owner says he's none too pleased about the light the fight casts on the area.

"These situations aren't good for anybody. It's bad for Green Bay and it's bad for Minnesota," Kevin Burkel said. 

Burkel has owned Sideline Sports Bar for about 13 years. He says he tries to keep bar fights out of his business - especially during Packers home games.

 "I don't allow it, I don't tolerate it. It's unacceptable," Burkel said. 

Burkel says by the time he heard about the post-game scuffle among people in the parking lot and got outside, police were already there and a man, identified in court documents as Paul Hrubesky of Green Bay, was on the ground bleeding. 

"Everybody gets along. But once in a while, you get 75,000 people at an event, something is going to happen," Burkel said.

Police Chief Eric Dunning says two were arrested and one was taken to the hospital.

Dunning says witnesses told them 50-year-old Hrubesky, who was injured in the fight, was blindsided while trying to break up a dispute between two other men, Swanson from Minnesota, and another man from Green Bay.

"He is what we'd call an innocent bystander. He was trying to be a Good Samaritan," Dunning said. 

Court documents say after Hrubesky was hit, Swanson took off.  He was arrested behind K-Mart a short time later. 

The other man involved in the dispute, Shawn Hrubesky from Green Bay was arrested at the scene, accused of disorderly conduct.    

Dunning added that the problem is broader than this one incident.

"It is a public safety concern. There are rivalries out there and there is chest thumping and a lot of bantering back and forth. But this is unusual," Dunning said.

Dunning says another man needed medical attention after he was struck along Armed Forces Drive at about 5 o'clock last night.

In total, he says his department had 12 disturbance calls after the game.

He says the department is evaluating the incidents to see what can be done to prevent future incidents.