Minimum wage protests create financial headache for business nearby

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The fight for a higher minimum wage may have cost local businesses money. That's because protests involving fast food workers shut down a stretch of Miller Park Way in West Milwaukee on Thursday, September 4th.

The demonstration was part of a nationwide protest by fast food workers who are demanding a $15/hour minimum wage -- and the right to unionize. Unfortunately, the protest at a McDonald's effectively stalled business at nearby Remy Batteries.

Matt Moeller is a partner at Remy Batteries -- and did not know about the protest until delivery drivers on their way in started calling his cell phone.

"Call from the trucker saying that Miller Park Way is closed down, how do I get there? Without knowing what direction they're heading or where they are at, it's hard to give them directions," said Moeller.

Between protesters closing down Miller Park Way and construction in the Zoo Interchange, Remy Batteries missed loads from three full-sized tractor trailers -- which can hurt future business.

"If we have a miss, or we are late or something is shipped incorrectly, it affects our grading, which affects our vendor rating," said Moeller.

Since nothing was coming in, Moeller had to send a dock employee home early.