Milwaukee's mask mandate takes effect to prevent spread of coronavirus

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee mask mandate is in full effect. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says, so far, compliance has been good but he knows not everyone likes it.

"At first blush, I think we're getting good compliance, but again I'm not Pollyanna. I know there are going to be some people who don't like it," Mayor Barrett said.

Mayor Tom Barrett signed the mask mandate on Tuesday.

The mask ordinance was signed Tuesday by Mayor Barrett.

"This is an indication of how serious the COVID-19 pandemic remains in Wisconsin and remains in Milwaukee," he said.

The ordinance applies to everyone ages 3 and older in indoor public places and outdoors when you're within 6 feet of people who are not family or members of your household.


Chantelle Hicks

Leaders say the ordinance is in place to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the community.

"If ever you're questioning why am I wearing a mask. Just look at the person next to you, look at your kid, your sister and say for their health," Chantelle Hicks said.

The mandate takes effect as Milwaukee health officials continue to keep a close eye on COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Ben Weston

"We're seeing daily case counts similar to what we saw in our previous peak in mid-May. Along with those case counts, we're also seeing a gradual increase in our percent positivity," Dr. Ben Weston said. Cafe

At Milwaukee's City.Net Café...

Sam Belton

"We take pride in our customer service," Sam Belton said.

Customer and staff safety is top priority.

"We even have facemasks for customers," he said.

Businesses, that fail to comply could face fines. Mayor Barrett knows some don't like the mandate.

"My response to that is please just stay home then, just stay home because you might think you're invincible," Barrett said.

There is no penalty for people who violate the ordinance

The health department is in charge of enforcement, not the police department.