Milwaukee's Bastille Days troubled to learn about attack in Nice, France: "Our world is in turmoil"

MILWAUKEE -- A truck driver plowed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France -- killing 80 and injuring at least 100 others on Thursday, July 14th. The news all happening as Milwaukee kicks off its own popular "Bastille Days" downtown.

Bastille Days

FOX6 News spoke with several people in Cathedral Square Park, who say they are disheartened and troubled. They say it's sad to see another tragedy strike a beautiful country.

On a night that celebrates French culture in Milwaukee, news slowly filters into the crowd of yet another tragedy in France.

"It saddens me that it went on and it saddens me in my mind that it could happen here," said Rebecca Reitman, vendor for Pierre's Pecans.

Bastille Days

The scene in Cathedral Square is overwhelmingly a celebratory one. Most seem unaware that just hours ago, people out celebrating this same holiday in Nice, lost their lives in the horrific attack.

"Our world is in turmoil right now and not only in France, but it other parts of the world," said Reitman.

The attack is particularly painful for two women from northeastern France.

"It's just terrible," said Juliet Weber.

Juliet Weber and Flora Fuller

They say this latest attack comes on a national holiday.

"It's exactly like the 4th of July, it would be like having an attack on Summerfest in Milwaukee the day of fireworks -- the opening day of Summerfest," said Weber.

They say families in France have a four-day weekend to celebrate. This attack, comes popular destination for travelers.

"This is when the fireworks are going on so it's a lot of French people celebrating, but also lots of tourists because Nice is a very touristy place," said Flora Fuller, from France.

Bastille Days

In Milwaukee, people taking pictures by the Eiffel Tower will probably read the headlines later -- and an attack that may usually feel far away could feel a lot closer to home.

"It's sad that our world is going this way that we can't just live peacefully amongst each other, that we have to live this way," said Reitman.

Milwaukee police haven't brought in extra security because of the attack. They say there are already a lot of officers for the Storm the Bastille Run, and they don't feel it was necessary to revisit their security procedures.

Bastille Days

Milwaukee's Bastille Days released the following statement:

"While our thoughts are with our cultural brethren in Nice, Bastille Days remains committed to delivering a fun and safe event, and looks forward to carrying on the tradition of this revered celebration."