Milwaukee's 4th of July fireworks displays will go on

MILWAUKEE -- Neighborhood Milwaukee County Parks within the city will have fireworks displays on July 4th despite the unusually dry conditions.

Officials say each location where fireworks will be shot off will have one or two inspectors on duty. Those inspectors are trained and have the authority to ensure public safety. The Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments, in association with volunteer groups, will serve as spotters at these events as well.

Protective snow fences are in place to keep the public out of the launch area, and people attending the fireworks exhibitions are asked to stay back from the orange fencing. All launch areas have fire extinguishers and access to water.

City-sponsored fireworks displays will take place starting at 9:15 pm on Wednesday, July
4, 2012. Alcott Park will have a ground display; aerial displays are scheduled for Gordon,
Humboldt, Jackson, Lake, Mitchell, Noyes, Washington, and Wilson Parks.