Milwaukee wants ChemWorks to leave by September

MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) -- While Menomonee Falls residents say "no" to a proposed wastewater treatment plant, the City of Milwaukee says ChemWorks better leave its original location by September.

Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy sent out a letter to people in his district this week promising the city would inspect the plant next month to make sure they're planning to pack their bags.

In a statement, the president of Advanced Waste Systems says Martin Dr. was never a good location. He insists Menomonee Falls is a far better one -- saying a separate sewer system will keep odors underground. The area is zoned for heavy industrial use -- and there's a significant buffer between the site and neighboring homes.

ChemWorks, which is under the umbrella of Advanced Waste, cancelled an information meeting that was set for Thursday with concerned Menomonee Falls residents. The company says it's waiting for village officials to make a final decision on whether the company can move there.

The village president did not return calls from FOX6 News.