Milwaukee student to sing at Grammys

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee High School of the Arts junior is preparing to perform at the official Grammy celebration! Felix Ramsey is one of eight students out of a pool of about 500 who have qualified to be part of the production.

Friday, the 17-year-old leaves for Los Angeles. His mother will join him early next week for what she describes as her favorite part of the week-long trip: the college fair.

Felix's mom says he's had music in him since he was a toddler. "It was very irritating! He was humming everywhere!" Kathi Rodgers said. Felix said his musicality runs in the family. "My mom sings, my grandmother sings, my great-grandmother sings," Felix said.

At age seven, Felix began to sing. "I was just singing and everybody was like 'this boy can sing!'" Felix's mom remembers it vividly. "The first time I heard Felix sing, I almost fell over in my chair!" Kathi said.

That led Felix to singing in contests, in church and at Milwaukee's High School of the Arts. Then, last year, when American Idol came to Milwaukee, Felix made it to Hollywood! "It was just amazing to see that I could go that far," Felix said.

Kathi says she remembers the moment she found out Felix was headed to the Grammys. "He waited until I got to a stop light, and he's like 'ma, I'm going to the Grammys!' I'm like 'what? I can't believe it!' So now, at the stop light, people are honking their horns and I'm like 'I gotta call my momma!'" Kathi said.

Felix says he's focused on his future (which he hopes includes attending the legendary New York performing arts conservatory, the Julliard School), and the impact his continued success could have on others. "I just want to be that spokesperson for young kids that are roughly around my age, just to tell them that I am doing something positive in the community, and you can too," Felix said.

Rodgers says she'll be updating Felix's Facebook page, from Los Angeles.