Milwaukee residents prepare for winter storm

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- As the snow picked up Saturday morning, December 14th, people were out and about in Milwaukee preparing for the accumulation.

Rigo Nuno of La Rosa Landscaping Company, Inc. says he's ready to put in an 18-hour day clearing the snow away.

"You get excited and then you're waiting for it and then you gotta be prepared, get some rest and go for it," said Nuno.

Other residents are sticking with traditional methods for getting rid of the white stuff -- a good, old-fashioned shovel.

"I kind of like coming out here and it's light snow so that's the key. Today it's light and makes it much easier," said shoveler John Hayden.

Some people say they've already had enough of winter and won't be going outside until the storm is over.

"I'm going back home. I'm staying in, I'm going back home. I ain't got time for it. I don't want to tear my car up," said Raschod Jackson.

The superintendent of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works says 102 snow plows were dispatched Saturday morning. Drivers are being reminded to leave plenty of room for operators to do their work.