Milwaukee rapper hosts Thanksgiving dinner in memory of his late mother, grandmother

Tone Da'Man

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee-based hip-hop artist gave back to the community once again on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 28.

Antonio Holmes, known as Tone Da'Man, helped families affected by poverty and homelessness enjoy a warm Thanksgiving dinner.

The event was held at St. Paul's Church near 28th Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

It began three years ago in honor of his late grandmother. In 2019, the event honored his mother.

"My grandma died three years ago, and in honor of her, I decided to put together a dinner for her because she loved cooking, and she loved giving back to people, so three years ago when she passed, the first time I started this dinner, that's what started it, and then last year, my mom passed, as well, so now, I started the Marie and Tameka Foundation," said Homles. "I'm going to continue to just give out free dinners to the community each and every year under that foundation. This meal has kind of grown, pretty much a lot. It's starting to catch on. People are coming back. I see familiar faces this year that I've seen -- people that are starting to come back, and noticed that, 'Okay this dinner, it's a pretty good dinner. It's got good food. It's nice vibes. People are nice here. It's just like, a whole vibe here.'"

When the event ended at 4 p.m., Tone Da'Man and his team packed up the meals and handed them out to those living on the streets.