Milwaukee property tax bills have incorrect info.

MILWAUKEE -- The City of Milwaukee says more than 165,000 property tax bills that property owners should be receiving early this week were printed with incorrect information. The important thing for property owners to know is that the "amount owed" portion of the property tax bills is correct - but supporting information printed on all of the bills that were mailed out to City of Milwaukee property owners is incorrect.

The mistake appears on the property tax bills in the tax column from last year, or 2010. The City says rather than the correct, 2010 figure, the 2009 figure was listed instead. The City says the mistake was made because of a communication break down between the City of Milwaukee Treasurer's Office, and the Information Technology Management Division. The error was spotted by a taxpayer Monday morning.

City officials have set up a help kiosk at City Hall in downtown Milwaukee to answer the questions property owners may have, and they are working to correct the incorrect information printed on those bills. The City advises property owners to stop by the help kiosk at City Hall to receive the corrected information, or visit the City of Milwaukee website, where the accurate 2010 tax information will be available.

The bottom line is, the "amount owed" portion is correct, and property owners are advised to pay attention to the "amount owed" portion of their property tax bill, and pay that amount.

Property tax bills were mailed by the City on Friday, and can be paid in one of four ways: by mail, in person at City Hall, through a drop box, or online. Property tax bills are due in full by January 31st, 2012, but to claim on this year's income taxes, the bill must be paid in full by December 31st, 2011.