Milwaukee police issue quarantine orders to 2 people who didn't self-isolate after COVID-19 diagnosis

MILWAUKEE -- It's a scary diagnosis with uncertain effects. Most self-isolate and stay at home after they've tested positive for COVID-19. But for two Milwaukee people – that wasn't the case.

"This is not acceptable, and I don't know anybody who is going to supportive of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 who refuse to abide by the quarantine or self-isolation orders," Mayor Tom Barrett said.

Milwaukee police issued quarantine orders to two individuals. In one case, the family alerted the health department.

"One of the cases involved a family member who said, 'Look, this person's tested positive, and they're going back to work,'" said Barrett.

When quarantine orders are issued, people can be fined, prosecuted or have a guard put outside of their home. It's unclear what the consequences were in these cases.

"While order sounds scary in terms of a legal document, it really is about helping people know when it is safe to go out and about in the community again, so they're not exposing their loved ones, neighbors and others," Ann Christensen of the North Shore Health Department said.

These two people are not only dealing with their illness – but now, the law.

"This is a different ball game," said Barrett. "Once you've tested positive, obviously, we're concerned about your health, but we are very concerned about you spreading that to other individuals."

It is unclear where in the city these people live, and who they've had contact with.

In the meantime, Barrett said this is not a new type of order, and it is not an extension of the stay-at-home order.