Milwaukee Police Association will take 'no confidence' vote

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Members of the Milwaukee Police Association are saying they've lost faith in the police chief. This all comes after a Milwaukee Police Officer was fired for the events leading up to a deadly shooting in Red Arrow Park.

1,600 members of the Milwaukee Police Association will take a 'no confidence' vote next week. It is not binding, but the Milwaukee Police Association President says it sends a very strong message.

It's a big vote, with a strong statement.

"The membership has mandated it. It's not something that we take lightly. The membership's morale has been at a breaking point for a very long time," said MPA President, Mike Crivello.

Next Thursday, October 30th, 1,600 members of the MPA will decide whether they have confidence in Chief Ed Flynn.

"Their voices will be united and they will deliver a no confidence vote on this chief," said Crivello.

The vote comes after Chief Flynn fired Officer Christopher Manney for the events leading up to a shooting in Red Arrow Park. It left Dontre Hamilton dead.

"Going hands-on with a patdown that was not justified by reasonable suspicion resulted in the confrontation," said Milwaukee Police Chief, Ed Flynn.

"He didn't cause that situation, the individual that he encountered caused that situation," said Crivello.

"We've got training protocols that guide our approach to people who are apparently mentally ill," said Flynn.

"This last incident of this unjust termination of our officer has broke that morale," said Crivello.

In a statement, Chief Flynn said:

“The moment a chief decides to worry more about his popularity with his officers than doing the right thing he has become ineffective as a chief. The union has the same right to express their displeasure with my decisions as any other group.”

The decision will be handed over to city leaders next Friday, October 31st.

Mayor Tom Barrett released this statement in regards to the 'no confidence' vote:

"I am very disappointed with the leadership of the Milwaukee Police Association.  At a time when the citizens of Milwaukee are dealing with the aftermath of the Red Arrow Park shooting, the MPA leadership continues to stoke a political fire. The brave men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department and the citizens of the Milwaukee deserve better."