Milwaukee pharmacist gives COVID vaccine to mom, grandma

Three generations took getting their coronavirus vaccinations as a family to a whole new level.  A Milwaukee pharmacist got the opportunity to vaccinate her own family.  

"It's amazing to actually see when I get to vaccinate family members," said Lauren Chars. "An extra special experience for me, and I feel so fulfilled to keep my family safe and healthy."

Chars is a Milwaukee pharmacist who got a rare opportunity.  

"We got the opportunity because my mother is an employee of the same nursing home my grandmother lives at, and I vaccinated them on the same day and I also got my vaccine on the same day, too," she said.

Once fully vaccinated, seeing her grandma was a day for celebration.  

"I was finally able to visit my grandma not in the window and not with all my PPE and garb on but actually got be in person with her and have that intimate conversation with her," said Chars.

The first thing Chars did was celebrate her 2020 graduation with her grandmother.  

"I was able to wear my graduation gown the other day when I went to visit her and that was a really special moment for my family," she said.

Chars said she hopes her family’s story inspires others to get their vaccine.  

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"Realize there is hope to get back with family members, and we hope people are encouraged to get their vaccine so they can be back with those family members soon," she said.