Milwaukee man charged in fatal hit-and-run crash, "realized what he had done"

Terrell Jones

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 36-year-old Terrell Jones of Milwaukee was charged on Friday, March 27th with one count of hit-and-run resulting in death. This, for his alleged involved in a fatal hit-and-run incident near 91st and Fond du Lac on Wednesday morning.

Police say 61-year-old Aden Durow was walking westbound across N. 91st Street when a vehicle traveling southbound at a high rate of speed hit Durow. The vehicle, an older model blue minivan, stopped for a brief time but then fled from the scene. Durow was pronounced dead at the scene.

hit-and-run 91st and Fond du Lac

The complaint says "Jones admitted that he never obtained a driver's license but even so, his driver's status was currently suspended." He had also been issued citations in the past for having a suspended driver's license.

The complaint says Jones told officers "he hit someone but continued southbound without stopping." It also says, "He then watched the news and saw that the person who he had hit had died. He then became upset and realized what he had done." During his statement to police, Jones "apologized for being untruthful initially because he was scared to be away from his children."

If convicted, Jones faces up to 25 years in prison and $100,000 in fines.