Milwaukee man charged after he was rescued from high water

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 32-year-old Eddie Keaton of Milwaukee has been charged for an incident in which he needed to be rescued from high water.

Keaton faces two counts of resisting an officer, causing a soft tissue injury to the officer, and one count of disorderly conduct.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates police responded to the area of County Line Road, east of Nicholson Road, where Keaton was stuck in his vehicle and officials were called to retrieve him by boat.

The criminal complaint says Keaton told officials he had consumed a couple drinks, but said it had been awhile since he had anything to drink. The criminal complaint says Keaton's car smelled of marijuana, though Keaton did not admit to consuming any drugs.

The criminal complaint says Keaton told officials he "fell asleep," and that's how he ended up in the water.

The complaint says when officers began to pat Keaton down, looking for drugs, his demeanor changed and he became disorderly -- asking officers what took them so long to come rescue him.

The complaint says officers were going to deploy a taser on Keaton -- when he stopped resisting, saying "I'm done."

Two officers suffered minor injuries as a result of the incident.