Milwaukee group offers help for those facing foreclosure

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The foreclosure crisis is not over, at least according to a Milwaukee group.

The group "Select Milwaukee" says while the foreclosure crisis doesn't make as many headlines these days, it continues.

They are seeing similar amounts of foreclosure filings as they have in similar years.

On Saturday, June 22nd, the group held an event at the Washington Park Senior Center, offering help to avoid foreclosure, refinance or lower mortgage payments.

"There's still quite a few foreclosures being filed. A lot of people today think that foreclosures aren't an issue anymore because we hear so often really good news about interest rates being low and it's a really great time to purchase, but in reality, foreclosures are still out there. There's still a lot of filings," Kristin Venkler with Select Milwaukee said.

Need help to save your home? Select Milwaukee offers services at no charge.

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