'Milwaukee Downtown' seeks 'Key To Change' donations in effort to help the homeless

"Key To Change"

MILWAUKEE -- During this season of giving, there's an effort to end homelessness throughout the Milwaukee area.

"Milwaukee Downtown" has set a goal of raising $225,000 to fund a downtown homeless outreach coordinator for at least three years.

The coordinator would work along with the Milwaukee County Housing Division, providing housing and services to those living on the streets.

The positions is just one component of the "Key To Change" campaign helping our neighbors in need.

"Key To Change"

"The private dollars raised for key to change will not only fund a homeless outreach coordinator for the downtown area, but also starter kits for those moving into housing and also a homeless endowment we're looking to use to fund housing long term down the road," said Eric Collins-Dyke, Milwaukee County Housing Division.

For information on how you can donate to "Key To Change," CLICK HERE.

"Key To Change"