Milwaukee doctor urges public to continue coronavirus precautions: 'Prevention starts now'

MILWAUKEE -- With more than 200 patients passing through the doors at Milwaukee Health Services every day, the need to keep the coronavirus and flu out becomes even greater.

Dr. Aronica Williams

"Although we have not been heavily hit by the coronavirus, we have to make sure that we prepare," said Dr. Aronica Williams with Milwaukee Health Services.

Williams said a quarter of her patients are among the vulnerable, elderly population. As a precaution, the clinics two locations have placed hand sanitizer around virtually every corner -- and given out plenty of masks.

"Encouraging people who may have upper-respiratory sneezing, coughing, nasal apply a mask and wear that throughout the building," Williams said.

Milwaukee Health Services

Milwaukee Health Services has even taken the extra step of isolating patients, bringing those who present flu-like symptoms to the triage room to keep viruses from spreading.

"It all depends on the symptoms, but we kind of have this algorithm of how the patient presents, what their symptoms are," said Williams.

All surfaces are wiped-down multiple times -- once after a patient leaves an examining room by medical assistants, then again by two cleaning crews.

While the Wisconsin Department of Health Services considers the risk of getting coronavirus low, guidelines of regular handwashing, containing a cough or sneeze and self-isolation if sick could be lifesavers.

"Prevention starts now," Williams said.

Williams cautions anyone from ditching their winter jacket. She said to keep bundling up and to wear layer; gloves don't just keep hands warm, they can also act as an additional barrier between you and germs.