"Milwaukee did its job:" Plow crews work quickly to clean up slushy streets

MILWAUKEE -- From just a few inches to more than a foot, our area saw many different amounts of snowfall as the system passed by Friday evening, into Saturday afternoon, November 21st. But for the most part, it didn't hamper residents too much who were trying to get out and about.

The dusting of cars, and the scraping of windshields -- the snowy season is officially upon us.

"We live in Wisconsin, you have to be ready for anything," said Anton Perera, removing snow.

As the flakes fell for hours on end, Anton Perera just seemed to be brushing it all off.

"It is what it is," said Anton.

His plan of attack Saturday morning: clear the white stuff early and often.

"Just basically clean off the car, shovel, use snowblower then dump some salt on it so it doesn't get slippery later on," Anton said.

Nearby, Ryan Perera had his work cut out, too.

"Try to help out the neighbor before she starts her day," said Ryan Perera, removing snow.

It seems the city of Milwaukee was just as proactive. More than 100 plows and salt trucks hit the streets clearing main roads and eventually making their way to side streets.

Snow plow

"Their focus is on the main roads but on the side streets, they are doing a good job," said Ryan.

"Actually, they look real good. For the first snowfall I say Milwaukee did its job, got the streets clean so far," said Anton.

It's a community effort to make pathways through the slush.

"We want to be the first ones out there in the neighborhood to show that we want to keep our area clean for any visitors, anyone walking on the sidewalks," said Ryan.

Removing snow from the sidewalks is a pretty big deal, especially when it comes to safety. Residents have 24-hours from when the snow stops falling to clear the sidewalks or you could face a fine.